Dekadence Productions

Turbo Action ROM

Ever wanted to use all 64kb for coding while using Turbo Assembler on a real C64? This ROM image for Retro Replay allows you to do so. It combines Action Replay 6 with a modified TASS that runs from RR ROM and uses RR RAM to store the source code. Version 2 of Turbo Action ROM also includes built in network routines like codenet support, http-loading capabilities and a terminal program.

Download Turbo Action ROM V1
Download Turbo Action ROM V2

Loader for C64 and VIC20

This 1541 compatible loader is very easy to use, fast and reliable. It has been used in almost all of our demos. There is a C64 and VIC20 version available. The VIC20 version is much faster than any other loader for VIC20 (to my knowledge).

Here is an example on how to use the loader:

                ; relocate loader to $0100-$01c4

		lda #$01
                jsr init

                ; load first PRG file on disk to $4000

		lda #$00
                ldx #<$4000
                ldy #>$4000
                jsr $0100

Download loader

SKYNET Network Library

SKYNET is a network library that supports TCP and UDP transfers. It also supports DHCP and DNS. It is designed to be very easy to use; initiating a UDP or TCP transfer is a matter of only about 100 lines of code. No cross compiling or complicated configuring is required; the library is provided as a precompiled binary.

Coming soon(ish)!

Wave Composer

This program allows you to experiment with new SID waveforms. The waveforms are generated by abusing the noise mechanism with combined waveforms and the testbit. A more detailed description about the method can be found here.

Download Wave Composer

8 Bit Sample Demo

This is an example program that demonstrates a new way of playing clear 8 bit samples on a C64.

Coming soon(ish)!