Dekadence History


Assembly'99 was a great party for us. We released our first real demo there and it placed 4th in the compo (it could have done better, but it looked like crap on the bigscreen as the organizers managed to fuck up the display of every c-64 demo). But something more major was that Britelite came 1st in the C-64 music-compo and 3rd in the C-64 gfx-compo. So it was a great moment for him and Dekadence.

Later in the autumn of 1999 Tekk joined our happy family.

Dekadence released some stuff at Phat 9 demoparty. We had lot's of 1st places due to the fact that we were the only participants in every compo except for one (the music-compo where Britelite came 2nd).

Then came The Party 99 which was attended only by poor old Chaj. He put one of Britelite's tunes in the compo, where it came last. We were supposed to release a demo also, but we didn't have enought time to complete it. So it will be released some other time.