Dekadence History


In early winter of 2005, Britelite decided to release his worldrecord kefrensbars on the Vic-20, in a demo called Kefrensmania. For once we released a demo outside a party.

Then in late March came the Breakpoint 2005 party in Germany. Quite some of us (Britelite, SounDemoN, Fragment, Ricky Martin and Tribe) attended the party, and ate a lot of the delicious currywurst. We even managed to get 1st place in the c64 4k-introcompo. Almighty God decided to leave our merry group during the party, to concentrate on his other groups. We ofcourse wish him all the luck

And in a late July we attended Assembly 2005. Most of us were there, and we had a great time at the Boozembly-cliff. This year we didn't make any demos, but SounDemoN and Britelite managed to get 2nd and 3rd place in the oldschool music-compo respectively.

After Assembly we decided to lay low for some while again, until the Stream Mega party, which was held in September. Atleast Britelite, Fragment, Spiikki, Ricky Martin and Tribe attended the party, and had a great time. We also managed to get 2nd place in the combined demo-compo.

Later in October, Intensity (also in Cosine and Onslaught) decided to join us as a musician.