Dekadence History


The new year of 2004 came along, and in January we attended the Altparty5. Quite a lot of us were present there, atleast Britelite, Ricky Martin, Spiikki, Tribe and Jaffa. We didn't participate in any of the democompos, but we had a good time anyway.

Around easter in April, some of us (Britelite, SounDemoN and Jaffa) attended Breakpoint 2004 in Germany. The party was a great experience, and we even managed to (once again) get 2nd place in the c64 4k-introcompo. We had a lot of fun and the currywurst was delicious.

In May we once again organized a party, this time called Motorola Inside 2004 in cooperation with RNO. The party was amiga-only, and had a decent amount of visitors. This time we also had a sponsor, as Gentle Eye gave some nice hard- and software for compoprizes. Only downside with the party was that we were forced to use the same crappy projector as on the Dekadence 5-years party, but this time it behaved a bit better, and the compos could be shown without any major glitches.

Later in the summer we sent a small vic-20 production to Solskogen 2004, where it got 2nd place in the combined c64-vic20 democompo. As none of us were there, we'll not comment any more on the party.

Then in August we (once again) attended Assembly 2004. All of us were there (minus Almighty God), and we really had a blast. The compos were also a success this year, as we at last won the oldskool democompo. There rest of the compos were also a great success as in the oldskool music-compo Britelite got 2nd place, SounDemoN got 5th place, Chaj got 13th and Player One got 14th place. And in the oldskool gfx-compo Britelite got 3rd and Phase1 got 4th place. We also got a new member at party, as ccr (also in PWP and TNSP) joined our merry group. We had a good time and enjoyed our stay once again.

In October came the X'2004 party, which none of us were able to attend. But we contributed with our demo called Virtsarakko, which came 5th. And that wasn't so bad for a small jokeprod.