Dekadence History


And talking about Altparty4, many of us visited the party. It was held in January 2003 in Helsinki. Most of us were there, atleast Britelite, Ricky, Chaj, Spiikki, Jaffa, SounDemoN and Tribe. We participated in several compos and even managed to win some, like Live Vocal Music Compo (with all of us (except Tribe) singing an acappella version of Starfall) and Spiikki in Ludicrous speed gfx-compo. We all had a good time and even released a demo there, namely Chillout which came 5th in the combined democompo.

In February of 2003, Satyr decided to quit the c64-scene and therefore left our merry group.

During Easter we contributed a demo called Beertime3 for the c64-democompo at Breakpoint'03. It ofcourse got 1st place. But as only Jaffa attended the party we won't comment on the party.

In June, some of us (Britelite, Spiikki, SounDemoN, Tribe and Jaffa) attended the Stream'03 party held in Pirkkala. We entered Le Phant in the 64k-introcompo and came 4th. The party was a lot of fun, and we enjoyed our stay.

Just before Assembly 2003 in August, Fragment (also in Unique) decided to join us as a coder. Everyone of us (except Almight God) attended the party. We competed in the oldskool democompo with our Vic-20 demo called Victoria. To our great dissapointment we once again got 2nd place. Britelite and SounDemoN also made some tunes for the oldskool musiccompo and got 4th and 10th places. Phase1 made a co-op picture with Mermaid/Creators for the oldskool gfx-compo, but unfortunately it was disqualified (it would have got 1st place). Britelite got 6th place in the same compo. The party was ofcourse quite nice and we again enjoyed our stay.

In late October we organized the mighty Dekadence Dataparty 2003. The party got some 40 visitors, and was very nice and cozy. This time we actually had a decent projector for the compos, although we did have problems syncing it to the composite-signal of the c64. But everything worked out fine, and the compos had some decent entries. The results and entries can be found here, although the winner of the democompo is nowhere to be found. ;)

Then came November, and we (Britelite, Ricky Martin, Fragment and Jaffa) attended the lovely Simulaatio2 party. We contributed to the combined 64k-introcompo with our c64-prod, Pikku G Force, which ofcourse got 1st place. The intro itself was a tribute to Bill G Force by Complex. The party was a lot of fun, and we hope to attend the next one soon...