Dekadence History


In early February of 2002 we decided to remove Tee-Dee from the memberlist, due to lack of interest from his part.

Later in February, Britelite got interested in coding on the unexpanded Vic-20, and released a demo called Plazmis. And it was followed the next month by Seven11.

The came April, with the annual Mekka Symposium party, where we ofcourse competed with another 4k-intro. This time the intro was called Witutus and it reached the 2nd place.

Later the same month, there was a party in Sweden called Mainframe 2002. There we competed with our small demo, called Surmjolk, which came 3rd in the compo.

May was quiet, with no parties, and only some Vic-20 demos were made. Britelite coded a demo called Tohveli and SounDemoN made his debut on the Vic-20 with his demo Happy Birthday, which he made to celebrate Britelite's birthday.

Then came June, with another party in Finland. The party was called Lobotomia 2002, and was attended by Britelite, SounDemoN, Spiikki, Ricky Martin and Tribe. The party was quite nice, and we even released a demo there, called Past Winter's Snow, which got 4th place in the combined PC/Amiga/C64 democompetition. We also coded a small partydemo on the Vic-20, which was later released at the Solskogen 2002 party in Norway.

Things got quiet for a while, as we all started preparing for Assembly 2002. In mid-July, Britelite got the task of coding an invitation-intro for the party. The intro was made together with several groups: Scoopex, Complex and CnCd.

Along came August and Assembly 2002. Almost all members showed up at the party, and we even gained a new member. Phase1 (also in Unique) decided to join as graphician, and even contributed to our Vic-20 demo (called Vicious). We also made a co-op demo with Haujobb, called My Kondom. The C-64 demo got 2nd place and the Vic-20 got 4th in the oldskool democompo. We also had some success in the oldskool musiccompo, where Britelite got 2nd, Player One got 6th and SounDemoN got 8th place. Phase1 won the oldskool gfxcompo with a co-op picture made together with Mermaid / Creators. The party was quite nice and we didn't really have that much to complain about (except ofcourse our placement in the democompo).

Some weeks after Assembly Spiikki decided to visit Britelite, and so a small intro called Nivussieni was born.

And as Dekadence had been founded sometimes in 1997, we started thinking about how we should celebrate this. Britelite and Chaj decided that it could be fun to organize a small party. So we organized the Dekadence 5years-party in October. It was a small invitation-only party with maybe 30-40 sceners attending, but it was a great load of fun anyway. We even managed to arrange some compos (although the videoprojector sucked major ass and ruined the demo-compo). The results for the party can be found here. And we also released a demo called Munakoison Paluu which got 2nd place in the democompo.

In December, Britelite decided to make an invitation-intro for the Altparty4 which was released and later competed in the Invitationintro-compo at the party.

Also some time before Christmas, Britelite made a entry for the Xmasdemo-compo called Xmas 2002. It was a fastmade demo with music by Agemixer/Skalaria and managed to get 4th place.