Dekadence History


And right in the beginning of 2001, Dekadence got a new member. Namely, Satyr (also in Tide and People of Liberty). He joined as a swapper. And about a week later SounDemoN joined us as a musician and coder. And things started looking better than ever before in Dekadence. :)

And speaking of better than ever before, in late January Britelite, Chaj and SounDemoN visited a demoparty called Mekanisaatio. The party didn't have separate c64-compos, so our entries competed with PC-entries. Well, our intro called Doobydoo came 1st in the intro-compo, kicking the ass of all PC-entries. Also, Britelite came 1st and SounDemoN came 4th in the chipmusic-compo while the rest of the entries were made on amiga/PC.

In the late february came the Performance-party, which included a c-64 democompo. There we released the Wanktime demo, which got 1st place. And SounDemoN ofcourse won the music-compo. None of us were at the partyplace, so no more comments on that.

Then later in 2001 came Mekka Symposium 2001 where we competed in the c-64 4k-introcompo with our 4k-intro called Perkele. People seemed to like it a lot as it came 2nd out of 20 intros! None of us were present at the party, so again no more comments...

In late April Dekadence once again got a new member, this time Tribe (also in Da Hinurit and Phantasy) decided to join our happy group. He joined as a swapper/trader. And once again things looked brighter than ever before... :)

And in early May came the Escape 2001 party which was held in Espoo, Finland. Present at party were Britelite, SounDemoN, Ricky Martin, Jaffa and Tribe. We released two demos at the party, namely Vaippaihottuma (which came 2nd) and SounDemoN's solodemo called Ikkunat. The party was quite nice and we all had a good time...

In mid-June Britelite, together with Sanity, decided to visit a party in Finland called Proxy 2001. We released an intro there called GSM-Chat which placed 2nd in the PC/Amiga/C64-combined introcompo, losing by only 4 points.

And a few days later Sanity (also in Alpha Design and Da Hinurit) and Spiikki (also in Amuq and Da Hinurit) decided to join our merry group. Both joined as support- and partymembers.

Sometime in July, we decided to make a demo for the swedish demoparty called LCP 2001. So, Britelite and SounDemoN quickly knocked up the Our Love intro. We didn't visit the party itself, so no more comments on that.

Then in August came Assembly 2001. All members except Tee-Dee and Satyr were present at the partyplace. We also printed some t-shirts and badges especially for this party. We participated ofcourse in every Oldskool compo with quite some success. Britelite came 2nd in the music-compo and 3rd in the gfx-compo. SounDemoN came 7th and Player One came 8th in the music-compo too. But the democompo was a great dissappointment for us, as we only got 3rd place. But no more comments on that...

In late September Britelite decided to take part in a specially arranged porndemocompo at the Phat1 party, with the sequel to Fitspeak. Unfortunately the compo was cancelled and Britelite wasn't able to visit the party itself. But the demo was still released.

Sometime during the autumn we also decided to make a invitation-intro for the Alternative Party. The intro itself was released in the first days of December.

In the middle of December, Almighty God (also in Level 64 and F4CG) decided to join us as a graphician.

In late December we decided to visit The Party 2001. So Britelite, Chaj, SounDemoN, Spiikki and Jaffa joined the merry Hirmu Bus to Denmark. The trip was a load of fun, but the party itself was a great disappointment. The organizers managed to fuck up one of our demos (Lobotomia, co-op with RNO), and only showed the first part. It still managed to get 2nd place while our second demo, Incora got 3rd. We also had some tunes in the trackercompo (in which trackertunes and c64-tunes were combined), and Britelite managed to get 2nd and SounDemoN got 6th place. The Party was actually so horrible this time, that we will probably never visit it again...