Dekadence History


In January of the year 2000 the first arsetro by the name of Arse was released.

In late february Tekk decided to change his handle to Rik-E Marteen. Some days later Walther decided to join our merry group.

In the last days of February the second arsetro, going by the name of Pillu-demo, was released.

And in April came the Mekka Symposium 2k party, where we participated with one demo, Melonator, which came 9th out of 13 demos.

In early May Walther decided to leave our merry group, due to the fact that he had too much to do. We wish him good luck...

In mid-June we decided to go to the Plutonium 2000 demoparty and participate in the Intro-compo with our Bomb prv intro. Even though it competed only with PC intros it got 2nd place.

At some point in July, Rik-E Marteen decided to change his handle, once again. This time he only changed the spelling, to Ricky Martin.

In the beginning of August, the Assembly 2000 party was held and we ofcourse participated in some compos. Our demo, No Panic, was coded entirely at the partyplace in 6 hours and was finished 4 minutes before the deadline, and still it managed to reach 7th place in the Oldskool democompo. A special thanks must fly out to Agemixer/Scallop, who provided an excellent tune for the demo. Also, Britelites tune, Sunchild, reached 5th place in the Oldskool musiccompo.

Later in the autumn our partydemo from Assembly 2000 called Ass2k was released exclusively in the Vandalism diskmag. Thanks to the Vandalism crew for including the demo. If you want the demo then go get the mag... :)

And in the autumn of 2000 the Phat0 party was held. We decided to participate with our third arsetro, namely Fitspeak. The demo was originally made for LCP2000 party held in the summer of 2000, but due to the fact that Mindflow was too drunk/stoned to deliver the demo to the party, it wasn't shown. The demo also got quite a lot of attention and good response at Assembly 2000 where we showed it on Britelite's and Agemixer's computers. But after about 1/2 years of delay, the demo was released to the public, so enjoy it... :)

And after christmas came The Party 2k, where Britelite and Chaj were present. We also had a lot of entries there, Britelite came 1st in the c64 music-compo with his tune Spank Me and we also got 3rd place in the democompo with Fitspeak Remix. Britelite also entered his 4k intro in the democompo and got 5th place and he coded a demo for Anubis which got 2nd place. Britelite left the party with about 3000DKK in his wallet...