Dekadence History


Breakpoint was held once again during the easter, but none of us attended the party. We did however make a 4k-intro which managed to get 2nd place in the compo. But we won't comment more on that party.

Sometime during May some of us, namely Britelite, ccr, Ricky Martin and Spiikki, visited a party in Varkaus called Simulaatio 4. The party was great, and we got 2nd place in the 64k-introcompo, which was nice. We also witnessed the Eurovision songcompo, where Lordi won, so it was a really great experience.

The in August came Assembly 2007, which ofcourse most of us attended. We had a great amount of fun, and even managed to compete in the oldskool-musiccompo, where Britelite came 4th, Player One came 6th and Chaj came 8th. So it wasn't really that bad, even though we didn't release a demo there this year.